SAICE Online Learning for CPD

The SAICE Education and Training E&T Panel has introduced the concept of an online learning platform. This includes both the “Read Journal Papers for CPD” and the “Online Learning for CPD” platforms. ECSA Rules for CDP stipulate that for Category 1 “Developmental Activities” 1 CPD credit is allocated per 10 notional hours of training. It also states that a full days activity is regarded as being 1 CPD credit.

Our online courses (learning material) are divided into one or more components. We have limited each component to a maximum of 10-15 minutes duration to avoid monotony or fatigue. Therefore a one CPD point course on-line may have several components to earn the full 1 point. In line with ECSA’s outcomes based requirements for CPD validation, an assessment of the candidate’s grasp of the online course (learning material)  is conducted through multiple choice questions MCQS. Typically 5 MCQS will be posed at the end of each component of which a minimum number of 3 must be answered correctly to move onto the next component.

The Read Journals for CPD are mostly equated to 2 notional hours and will therefore earn you up to 0.2 CPD credits. These only have a single MCQ assessment at the end to test that the candidate has understood the content, typically 5 MCQS of which 4 must be correctly answered to earn the CPD points allocated, at which time a CPD certificate is emailed to you.

When all components in the online course are complete and the last set of MCQS have been answered with a passing grade, the Course CPD Certificate will be emailed to you. Should you not meet the minimum pass requirement (you are usually given three attempts) then an attendance certificate is issued, but you will not be able to claim CPD with ECSA

The benefits of this platform are many fold:
  • It ensures that a greater proportion of our members have access to all types of learning material developed by presenters (instructors) of existing and new courses in an online format
  • It ensures that members can earn CPD points by engaging more thoroughly with regularly published Journal articles, thereby creating more exposure and recognition of the author’s research and efforts.
  • This Online Learning platform offers an alternative to Face to Face and Webinars in that it allows members to earn CPD points in their own time and without leaving their office, therefore the cost of earning a CPD point is substantially reduced.
  • Webinars do allow members to earn CPD points without leaving their office but the times are pre-set and usually take place during regular working hours.
  • It allows access to CPD points by members who reside in remote areas or anywhere in the world.